A015U1UEU1ATG7 Android 10 Stock Firmware Released for Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015U1

A015U1UEU1ATG7 Android 10 Stock firmware update has been released for Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015U1. Rootvivs.com came to know that the new update comes with CSC Version A015U1OYM1ATG7. This is the July 2020 security update for SM-A015U1. The build date is 21st July 2020. The size of this update is 2.22GB. It comes with Modem or CP Version A015U1UEU1ATG7. As we know Samsung releases firmware update at regular intervals for SM-A015U1. The new update comes with PDA or AP Version A015U1UEU1ATG7. The operating system version is Android 10. This update is available for the people who are staying in the United States. You will be able to download A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware update via OTA. You will receive notification about this OTA update on your SM-A015U1. You must install the new firmware update on your SM-A015U1.

If you don’t want to wait for the OTA firmware update notification, then simply visit Settings menu on your SM-A015U1 and check for A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware update manually. You have to tap Software update menu after visiting Settings menu on your SM-A015U1. It will display detailed information about A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware update. Simply you have to tap download button to start the process. Then, you have to tap Install button after downloading the firmware update. In this way you can install A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware update on SM-A015U1 via OTA. It is the most secure way to install the new firmware update on SM-A015U1. You must download A600UUEU5CTG4 Android 10 Stock Firmware for Samsung Galaxy A6 SM-A600U.

Don’t forget to connect your SM-A015U1 with high speed Wifi to download A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware update. You must fully charge the battery of SM-A015U1. If you are unable to download the update via OTA, then you can also download A015U1UEU1ATG7 manually. You will need to have ODIN and a computer to install the firmware manually on Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015U1. You can download A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware update manually. You have to extract A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware ZIP file after downloading it. Then you can use ODIN to install it on your SM-A015U1. You have to put Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015U1 into download mode to install A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware via ODIN.

Download A015U1UEU1ATG7 Android 10 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015U1

It is highly recommended to take a complete backup before installing A015U1UEU1ATG7 firmware on SM-A015U1. Rootvivs.com will not be responsible for any damage to SM-A015U1 while installing the firmware. You must install the new firmware update at your own risk. You have to install SM-A015U1 USB Drivers and Samsung Kies on your computer.